17 Most Amazing Facts About Dogs

We all know dogs make one of the best pets, and there is not one but several reasons. Well, we are not going to talk about the reasons. Today, we are discussing the most striking, shocking, and fascinating facts about dogs. Yes, they are highly versatile and adaptable. Considering their variety of breeds, you can expect tons of fun and amazing facts. Let’s dive in!

Heightened Sense Of Smell

The essential fact is their extra extra extra strong smelling sense. We can say they can smell at least 40 times better than humans because their brain cells that are determined to smell are nearly 40 times larger. WHOA! Their refined smelling ability make them a good pick for sniffing people out to detect drugs and explosives.

Less Developed Sense Of Taste

It might shock you, but dogs tend to have decreased discriminatory sense of taste as they possess about 1/6th of the total taste buds compared to humans. In short, if humans have 9000 buds, dogs will have only 1700-1800. Pretty low, indeed! Their low ability has a direct relation with evolutionary instincts.

Left And Right-Pawed Dogs

It is one of the latest researches that dogs can be left or right-pawed just like humans. Every dog has a preferred hand, oh sorry paw, which they choose to lead with. If you need to find out about your dog, give him his toy and observe which paw he uses first and the most.

A Dog’s Yawn!

Unlike humans, when the dog is yawning, it might not be the only sign of tiredness. Their yawn shows more than just their sleepiness. Other reasons are stress and anxiety.

Sniff Out Medical Problems

A dog’s nose can smell from long distances; they also have a better sense of discrimination between drugs, weapons, and medical problems. They have the talent to sniff out cancer, diabetes, and other health issues that can help in early diagnosis. Or at least gives a light warning to their owners.

Agenda Of Three Eyelids

Oh, yes! One of the weirdest anatomy-related dog facts is their eye structure having three eyelids in both eyes. Just like other animals, they have top and bottom lids. But that is not where the story ends. They have a unique and distinctive “nictitating membrane” right in the eyes’ corners which is taken as a third eyelid. It serves the primary function of taking out dust and mucus from the cornea. 

Fast Runners

Do you know how fast a dog can run? Fast enough to beat humans in a race. But some breeds can run faster than cheetahs even. Remember: dogs are built to run and chase. Greyhound is the fastest breed having a top speed of 45mph.

Incredible Swimmers

Most dog breeds are good swimmers. Certain breeds might show fear of water, but those who show likeness can be turned into beautiful swimmers if appropriately trained. Newfoundlands are on the top of the list o swimmers, which is why they are termed water rescue dogs.

Understand The Language Of The Tail Wagging 

Wagging tails are commonly linked to a happy dog, but the truth is if the dog is wagging his tail, it can be more than happiness. Usually, they wagtails when happy, in the mood for fun, in an active stance, are excited to greet someone, or afraid. Tail wagging to the right means positive vibes (happy or excited). And tail wagging to the left means he is frightened. Their low, wagging tail tells us that he is feeling unconfident and doubtful. In comparison, rapid tail wagging with tense muscles and dilated pupils show anger.

They Understand Time

Have you ever seen a dog waiting for you to take him on a walk at the exact time you usually take him out for a walk? Yes, exactly! They can sense time. They can spot the difference of up to 6 hrs. If trained properly, they will be able to estimate their daily activities schedule.

The World’s Oldest Dog Breed 

One of the fastest dog breeds named “Saluki” is also the oldest breed that has been serving as the hunting hound of kings for thousands of years. Their body has unparalleled strength and a slim profile. They have independent and loyal nature.

What Is Butt Sniffing For?

You must have seen your dog sniffing other dogs’ butts. It is their form of communication – a greeting. If they intend to learn about each other, they sniff butts. It is funny, we know! The reason behind this is: the dog has a unique body smell secreted by its glands, as they produce pheromones that are located in their backsides giving information about their sex, health, and diet.

They Sweat Differently!

First, they don’t sweat like humans, for instance, having damp armpits. Instead, they sweat only on their paws. Second, their sweat glands don’t secrete watery liquid. They produce a pheromone-rich oily substance that we cannot feel.

Blind And Deaf Puppies

When the puppies are born, they can’t hear and see. As the newborns are in the developing stage, they don’t have their eyes and ear canals fully developed, structured, and opened. You can expect the pups to open their eyes or respond to voices at least after 2-3 weeks.

Super Sensitive Hearing

They have 18 muscles responsible for controlling ears helping them in communicating with humans and other dogs. Two things are worth mentioning here:

  • Dogs have the ability to hear much higher frequencies compared to humans
  • Dogs can listen and understand much softer and much further away sounds than humans

Basenjis – The Only “Barkless” Dog

One thing, Basenjis don’t bark. Second thing, they unquestionably don’t remain absolutely silent. As per detailed research, their sounds can be termed howling. Whereas some categorize it as not more than a yodel. They usually shriek or scream.

Intelligence Equal To A 2-Year-Old

Never take dogs as dumb animals. Apart from having a fantastic sense of smell, hearing, and understanding time, they have high-level intelligence, learning above 100 words and gestures. Their cleverness and extreme loyalty make them suitable for multiple jobs, from military to assistance.