Thanksgiving Foods You Should And Should Never Give Your Dog

Do you know what is around the corner? Thanksgiving – that we will be celebrating on 25th November in the United States. It is absolutely one of the best family times of the year when the whole family gets the chance to enjoy a festive meal at the same table. Delicious foods are the trademark of thanksgiving, and if you have a fluffy, furry, cuddly friend, you must be worried thinking whether you should share your scrumptious meals with your dog or not.

It might shock you, but apart from humans, dogs also tend to overeat during the holidays!

Honestly speaking, you are most welcome to share your feast with your pups. But, there is a variety of certain foods traditionally part of meals and are eaten by humans on the Thanksgiving holiday. However, they can create a threatening situation for dogs.

Don’t worry! Where you have dangerous meal options such as turkey bones, you have tons of healthy foods to share, too, such as green beans and sweet potatoes.


Foods You Should Never Ever Give Your Dog on Thanksgiving

Let’s start with the list of the foods you must avoid giving your dog at all costs if you are not ready to ruin your family evening by taking the dog to the clinic.

Cooked Bones

Bones and dogs? A match made in heaven! But never ever think about serving your furry companion the cooked bones, especially if they are poultry. The major reason is their fragility or softness, making them crack and splinter, leading to possible injuries. Choking hazards and punctured digestive tract is on the top of the list of threats.


One of the most unhealthy vegetables as it can have not one but multiple negative impacts on the health, leaving your happy dogs in irritable condition. In moderate to severe onion toxicity, you will find your do with specific miserable symptoms such as fatigue and lethargy coupled with unnecessarily increased heart and respiratory rates and strikingly pale gums. Be aware of this toxicity, as it can even make your dog collapse!

Grapes & Raisins

Decorating turkey with grapes and raisins is common but don’t do it if you plan to share it with your dog. They are toxic for them! HIGHLY TOXIC! On the one hand, some dogs will not show any annoying symptoms. On the other hand, it can react and cause irreversible kidney damage. 

Milk & Dairy Products

Always remember: MILK IS FOR CATS!

As the science states: most dogs are intolerant to lactose, making them unsuitable to consume huge amounts of milk or any other dairy products at once. Just like humans, it causes digestive issues such as diarrhea and flatulence. You need to avoid giving butter-filled mashed potatoes, baked mac & cheese, or milk-based dessert. The use of plain yogurt or cheese in minute quantity is acceptable.


By sugar, we don’t mean sweet potatoes, yams, or pumpkin. These are pretty beneficial, in fact.

But giving them pure, raw sugar is undoubtedly harmful, Ifor instance, candied yams, sugar-coated sweet potatoes, and pumpkin pies. It directly affects their stomach, causing diarrhea. Long-term sugar consumption can result in tooth decay and overweight issues, as well as diabetes.

Caffeine and Alcohol

Giving your dog to drink a cup of delicious hot tea or a tasteful cup of coffee is a big mistake. Dogs enjoy such drinks BUT don’t allow them to enjoy one! It can have irreversible fatal effects if consumed in huge amounts. The same goes for wine. In fact, all sorts of alcoholic drinks need to be kept away from the dogs’ reach.

Macadamia Nuts

No matter the type of nuts, they are the big NO-NO for the dogs! Especially if we talk about Macadamia nuts. They are highly lethal for canine friends. A tiny amount as 4-6 nuts can cause severe issues, significant seizures, and tremors, ultimately leading to death. SEE HOW SERIOUS HOW IT IS!


Chocolates are one of the most unfriendly foods for dogs.

If you are also baking yummy chocolate desserts this thanksgiving, you better keep your pups out of there. Baking chocolate is equal to poison for dogs.  White and milk chocolate consumption will probably cause excessive vomiting and stomach upset. But the dark baking chocolate consumption is LETHAL. The darker and richer the chocolate, the more poisonous it gets!

Safe, Satisfying, and Healthy Foods For Your dogs at Thanksgiving

  • Sweet potatoes – a healthy source of dietary fiber, beta-carotene, and a variety of vitamins (B6 and C majorly)
  • Potatoes – only serve them with either boiled or baked potatoes without butter or sour cream.
  • Apples – a primary source of Vitamin A and C coupled with a sufficient amount of fiber
  • Turkey meat – say no to bones, say no to the skin, but say a BIG YES to turkey meat! You can have it prepared with any seasoning in moderation.
  • Green beans – providing adequate quantities of plant fiber, manganese, and vitamins (C and K)
  • Pumpkin – helpful in resolving dog’s digestive issues but do not go with pre-spiced pie mix