All You Need To Know About National Dog’s Day

There is no doubt that dogs are the best cuddly, friendly, happy, and playful canine friends. They are the perfect furry partners for adventures and to keep your anxiety and sadness away. Their loving nature can win anyone’s heart. You can have your dog of any breed, size, coat color, and trait. If dogs are really the man’s best companion, then why not celebrate them? Why not appreciate their existence? Why not do something in return to make their day just like they turn our bad days into delightful ones?!

There is plenty of reasons to thank them, and we can do it by AT LEAST dedicating one day of our lives to them. Every pup needs to be celebrated whether you have a big or small dog, the floof-iest or the fastest dog, prettiest or the most hyperactive dog! So, here it is, the “National Dog Day” dedicated to all the dogs worldwide. For those who still don’t understand, the principal objective behind promoting this day is to create animal awareness regarding their adoption, care, and rescues. It is a day solely devoted to making people embrace all breeds, pure or mixed. After all, they deserve a safe, healthy, happy, and abuse-free life.

Regardless of the way you choose to celebrate, either by volunteering at a dog’s shelter/adoption home or making a donation, one thing that must be in your routine is “giving your dogs an extra big cuddle.” Oh yes, the cuddle!

Hold up!

Do you know that our furry companions have been protecting us and making us the happiest for at least 14,000 years? Whoa! Just imagine a world without them! A tragic situation, it must be.


National Dog Day is celebrated globally on 16th August as “St. Roch’s Day.” Giving a quick introduction, St. Roch is a well-known and most respected Catholic patron saint of dogs. The day is named after him as he got his life saved by a dog. Magnificent story! This day is celebrated in the USA and other parts of the world by arranging special dog parades where all cute pups are neatly and gorgeously dressed up for the march.

In Nepal, National dogs day is celebrated as “Kuku Tihar” on the second day of the five days Tihar festival. It generally takes place in October or November. The dog owners decorate them with exotic and sweet-looking flowery garments. This gesture reflects their importance in human life. It is a sweet way of praising their services!

Another variation of National Dogs day is seen in China. Named “Birthday of the Dog,” it is celebrated on the second day of the Chinese New Year’s celebration. Chinese have a unique, or we can say most caring, way of rejoicing this day as they feed all pets and even strays. The true meaning of unconditional love!


Let’s have a sneak peek at the historical background of National Dogs Day!

This wonderful day was celebrated for the first time in 2004 by a Pet & Family Lifestyle Expert, Colleen Paige, who started this celebration. She is also an Animal Advocate. She has all the good reasons to relish the existence of dogs. The aim was to shift people’s focus to the homeless dogs waiting in shelter homes for adoption.

She has encouraged their adoption and helped hundreds of dogs find a comfortable lifelong home!

You must be thinking, WHY 26TH AUGUST? Well, it is important as, exactly on 26th August, Colleen’s family adopted a dog named “Sheltie,” when she was only 10 years of age. With time, her personal celebration turned into a worldwide celebration. Finally, in 2013 the New York legislation passed a bill to announce a national holiday on 26th August, considering it a day for honoring dogs. You can go through some extra details on New York State Senate’s website.

Colleen Paige has done one of the best things to make people aware of the benefits of owning a dog at home and medical centers. She successfully grasped enough attention to make people take advantage of dogs’ marvelous abilities in multiple ways. National Dog Day has become a global platform to promote dog ownership.

There is no doubt that National Dog Day is on an upward trajectory. In the coming years, it will undoubtedly continue to grow in popularity. With upsurging awareness, multiple oversee forces have joined hands for a good cause as the rescue partners, such as The Human Society of The United States and West Coast Labrador Retriever Rescue. Approximately more than 1 million dogs have been rescued or adopted in the U.S. since 2004.


  • Make a trip to your shelter home and adopt one.
  • Take your furry, fuzzy, cuddly partner to “yappy hour.”
  • Treat your dogs by taking them to a pet-friendly restaurant
  • Let them accompany you on a walk to socialize and play with other dogs 
  • Have a cuddle or playtime
  • Give them their favorite treats