13 Best Halloween Costumes For Dogs

Is it November already? Then definitely everyone must be talking about Halloween! So, what’s up? Have you already got your dress? If yes, then it’s fantastic. But Halloween is never the same for dog owners. We can say it is more entertaining as picking out a horror yet cute dog costume can be a fun task. After all, cuddly, fuzzy, warm family members also need to dress up. And yes, they let you click the perfect, Instagram-worthy pictures.

Imagine seeing a small pup walking down the road with cute little “arms”…it is exactly what we all need this year to make the most out of the quarantined world!

Pro tips: Never forget to measure your dog properly before placing an order for the costume. And, most importantly, avoid clothing having dangling objects as puppies can swallow them. Here are the best Halloween costume ideas for the dogs if you want your furry friend to steal the spotlight!

Spider Pup Costume

Halloween and spider? A perfect combination! But when your dog becomes a spider, you can expect a wonderful Halloween night’s roadshow. A spider that everyone will adore! This costume has eight foam legs and is made with 100% polyester fabric and faux fur. For comfortable clothing, it comes with Hook and Loop fastener.

Dinosaur Dog Costume

Not a fan of spiders? Well, there is the best alternative: A dino!

Buy this Jurassic-themed hoodie and bring fun to the party. Made with corduroy, it will keep your dog warm. Yes, it is handmade and is suitable to be worn in autumn and winter. 

Beetlejuice Dog Costume

THE BEST PIECE! Yes, we are shouting! This Beetlejuice costume has everything to give authentic Halloween vibes: striped jacket, dickie, sleeves for front legs, and an eye-catchy grey wig. It comes with a lasting Velcro closure.

Lion Dog Costume

No one hates Lion king, so how can someone hate LION DOG?! Turn your lovely dog into a king of the jungle with this most realistic, classic, high-quality made, woolen, and best-fitting lion mane. This is a big, shaggy mane that is easy to carry and quick to clean, as well.

Scooby-Doo Dog Costume

Another star in the Halloween show of dogs: SCOOBY-DOO! Along with giving your dog Scooby treats, gift them with this step-in shirt having a cape and Scooby headpiece.

UPS Delivery Man Dog Costume

If you want to be unique, this is it! Get your beloved pet dog this delivery man costume. It is made with top-quality polyester and foam. The Velcro fastener facilitates easy wearing. The shirt has sleeves to cover the front legs. Don’t forget to ask your mail person for a picture together.

Guitar Player Dog Costume

An ideal pick for all the musicians out there! And yes, it will go best for the dogs who love howling. This pup-turned-guitar player costume is to die for. It has quality and style.

Cowboy Dog Costume

One costume, crafted with breathable, easy-going, and skin-friendly fiber, can surely make your dog the star of the night. Whether it is Halloween or costume-play, you need this dress for your canine friend! It makes your dog look like a cute knight carrying a rein in his hand. The saddle-shaped design and hook & loop are kept for ease of use.

Giraffe Dog Costume

Among all the animals, don’t miss out on giraffes! Pup in a cute giraffe cosplay – must be the cutest view. The best part is that this cozy, giraffe-patterned hoodie comes with a tail. Wait no longer, and tap on the ‘Add to Cart to place your order today.

Angel Dog Costume

Do you really need any horror costumes if you have these angel wings for your cute pup?

It gives your dog a perfect angel look for a night. It suits most breeds and can be used for other small to medium animals such as rabbits, monkeys, and cats. It has an adjustable chest and neck size with Velcro.

Frankenpup Dog Costume

A character pet costume with a touch of horror. This green Frankendog foam Jacket has a hood and spiked collar attached with a loop fastener under the chin for convenient adjustment. This Frankenstein monster is equally loveable!

Elf Dog Costume

Earnestly an enchanting Halloween costume, bringing out the Santa’s helper ready for the holidays. It is a green tunic with hat and ankle cuffs. And how can you not notice bright red jingle ball pom-pom flair?

Sherlock Holmes Detective Dog Costume

We guarantee if you make your dog wear this Sherlock Holmes costume, he will win the first prize. It combines a sense of humor with a stylish flair. It feels smooth and has a soft fabric. This pet costume is made durable and washable.