Things Every Dog Lover Should Know Before Hitting The Road

Do you also think traveling with a dog is nearly impossible or extremely difficult? Well, it is not, ONLY if you prepare yourself before leaving for a trip! In fact, if you are well-aware of your dog’s nature, know the tactics to handle his mood and temper, are familiar with his timely needs, and have detailed information about the visiting places such as visa, passport, applications, hotels, and airlines rules, you have nothing to worry about. No more leaving your loveable pooches behind while you enjoy traveling!

But remember, you will be needing a little bit of extra planning and packing when you decide to take your furry friend along. As one of the previous surveys states: approx. 37% of the dog owners have traveled around the world with their dogs. Genuinely speaking, people are constantly adopting dogs, and considering the increasing love for pets, all travel industries have been trying to amend their rules and regulations for pet-friendly traveling.

For all the extremely passionate dog lovers who are also fond of traveling, the most important factors to keep in close attention are:

Dog’s Health And Safety

The very first thing you need to do in detail is a health check. No matter if you are taking your dog on a short or long trip, take him to the veterinary first and have him checked thoroughly for any possible mental and physical issues. Ensure that your pup has received all his vaccinations as per the requirement. Every medical report and certificate needs to be up-to-date to avoid any onboarding complications. And keep all health certifications with yourself for airline travel. 

That is what you will be doing before going on a rip. But to keep him healthy during the trip, you need to pack all the healthy, nutritious, and dog-friendly foods in a bag. Pack his regular foods in bulk quantity. For an emergency, you need to do three things:

  • Have a clean bottled water 
  • Bring the medications he might needs
  • Keep the number of the nearby 24hrs. open veterinary emergency hospital 

Keep Every Dog-Related Document

While traveling internationally, you need to bring all the essential documents and dog-related records and make not one but multiple copies of them, whether it is a vaccination certificate, health accreditations, or medical reports. These are the proofs you need to show that you have a fully vaccinated and healthy furry companion along.

Pro tip: keep original, virtual, and printed copies in case you are asked to submit certain documents.

Get Familiar with Dog-Friendly Applications

This is the best advice we can give you if you are planning to travel beyond the border! Such applications can be a significant help and might work as your primary support system. You can find plenty of apps assisting you in your journey with your adorable pup. These apps make a road journey a lot easier. You can find a pet-friendly spot, off-the-leash dog parks, dog-specified gaming zones, patios in restaurants, and veterinary services.

The must-haves include:

All Trails – It helps you spot dog-friendly hiking trails as this app has a massive collection of more than 50,000 trail maps. It let you browse photos and read reviews, as well.

Bring Fido – For all the food lovers who cannot miss out on trying delicious foods but are also unwilling to leave their furry companion behind. It helps you in locating the nearest pet-friendly hotels, vacation spots, and restaurants.

Pet First Aid by American Red Cross – It is the best option to keep the contact of nearest emergency animal hospitals to cater to the needs of dogs in case of any medical emergency. Besides, it guides and gives detailed instructions to handle the most common and non-fatal pet emergencies.

Bring A Pet Carrier

You can forget many things but NEVER FORGET TO KEEP A PET CARRIER!

It is a life-saver trick to enjoy a trip along with your dogs. You can find multiple options of carriers in the market. You can buy one in any color and material, shape, and design. Oh, yes! You can have it personalized with your dog’s picture or any traveling patches.

One of the best options is the k9 Sport Sack. It is a carrier backpack that can carry a dog of a maximum of 40 lbs. The Roodie is a good alternative that comes in the shape of the hoodie. It has a weighing capacity of 15 lbs. max.

Try Teaching Your Dog Basic Manners

Untrained and ill-mannered dogs are not a good match for a vacation. Sad, but it is true! The best solution is to make your dog learn at least some manners. He should understand specific basic commands such as sit, stand, walk, lay down, etc. Traveling with a well-behaved dog will make your life easier. In short, you must put some effort into his biddant behavior and manners. 

You can take help from a certified trainer. Or you can try out online resources. Till now, ‘AllThingsPups training tips’ seems like a popular choice.

Triple-Check Pet Policies For Airlines And Countries

For international flights, you must recheck the airline policies whether they allow you to bring the pets along or not. You must know that rules and guidelines are always changing, so double-check them before booking a ticket. Check the airline’s official website, email, or call them. Where policies vary, the prices differ too. Usually, the variation happens because of the country you’re traveling to, dogs’ size, and breed.

The most famous and incredibly dog-friendly airlines are Delta Airlines, American Airlines, Air France, and JetBlue.

Coming to the countries, their rules also tend to differ. If they allow, their security will ask for specific certificates, most commonly for the rabies vaccine. Besides, you will have to wait for pet quarantine. It might be shocking, but there is a list of banned breeds too.